Services Offered

Here at Amtruck Auto & Truck Service
Our Repair Services Offered Include but are NOT limed to:

* Air Conditioning Service and Repair
* Alternator Replacement
* Anti-Lock Brake System Diagnosis and Repair
* Axle Replacement
* Battery Sales and Installation
* Brake Replacement – Disc and Drum Brakes and Hydraulic
* Charging System Diagnosis and Repair
* Check Engine Light Diagnostic
* Cooling System Repairs and Maintenance
* Cylinder Head Replacement and Repair
* Differential Repair and Service
* Drive Belt Replacement and Adjustment – Serpentine and V-belt
* Electrical Repair and Service
* Engine Repair and Diagnosis
* Fuel System cleaning
* Fuel Pump Replacement
* Fuel Filter Replacement
* Halfshaft Replacement
* Hose Replacement
* Power Steering Pump Replacement
* Pre-Purchase Inspections
* Radiator Replacement
* Shock Replacement
* Steering Repair and Replacement
* Strut Replacement
* Suspension Repair and Replacement
* Timing Belt Replacement
* Transfer Case Service
* Transmission Repair and Service
* Water Pump Replacement
* Valve Adjustment
* Wheel Bearing Replacement, and much more.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time! Remember while there are many choices for Truck & Auto Repair In Allston, theres only one Amtuck Auto!

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