Top 5 things to look for when choosing a mechanic

Here at Amtruck Auto & Truck Service we are ALL about outstanding coustomer service. A HUGE part of that is HONESTY. Check out this artticle we found that highlights some things you should look for in choosing the right mechanic for you!
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Sarah Shields,

Accredited source: Article Source: Motor Traders Association of NSW

03 October 2011

Owning and operating a car is a significant commitment and investment. Your car is a major asset, and while some maintenance may be performed at home, choosing a good mechanic to take care of its servicing and repairs will extend the life of your car and enhance your driving experience. Ideally, you’ll find a mechanic you can trust, who will get to know your car and with whom you can talk openly about your expectations and priorities. So, how do you go about choosing the right mechanic for you and for your vehicle? Following is a list of the top five things to consider when making your choice.

Mechanic standing in workshop.

Recommendations from family and friends

Ask your family and friends for recommendations, but bear in mind that their attitude to car repairs may be very different to your own. Enquire further about the type of cars their mechanic works on, what repairs they had done and how much they cost. Not all mechanics will have a website, but if they do, check if it includes testimonials from other customers. Social media can also provide additional recommendations. A simple question on Facebook or Twitter such as “I need a mechanic for my car, who do you recommend?” may provide a substantial list of recommendations.


Is your mechanic a specialist in your make of car? There are mechanics who specialize in four-wheel drives, European cars, Japanese cars, American cars, classic cars and performance vehicles. There are also specialists in repairing component parts such as transmissions, brakes, mufflers, radiators and machining. Where major work is required on your car, it is always best to ask whether your car will be sent to another mechanic, so they you can understand who will be doing the work on your car.

Location close to work or home

As you will be without a car for a least a day, is the mechanic’s location accessible via public transport? What time does the mechanic open and can you drop off your car and still get to work on time? When the service is completed, are you able to pick the car up after work, or will you have to leave work early to collect it? It can be a false saving to find the cheapest price for a mechanic and then have to take two hours off work to get the car to them. Many mechanics, especially dealer workshops, will provide a courtesy car, however you will have to book your car in for service well in advance to reserve the courtesy car. Also, while mechanical workshops can be greasy by definition, a clean and tidy office or reception area shows consideration for their customers.

Explains their work

Look for a mechanic who takes the time to provide answers to your questions. A good mechanic will be able to explain complex problems in a simple and easy to understand manner. A mechanic who takes pride in their work will be willing and able to explain what they have done and how it makes your car run better and more safely.

Listens to you

Be wary of a mechanic who goes ahead and performs extra services that cost you money, without getting your permission to incur the expense. If you only want a minor service, don’t pay for extra services if you have not agreed to them in advance. A good mechanic will advise you of any extras he notices need doing, but until he has your approval to fix them, he should not go ahead. If in doubt, take your car to another service provider for a second opinion.

This article was written by Sarah Shields, and was featured on

Article By

Sarah Shields,

Accredited source: Article Source: Motor Traders Association of NSW 03 October 2011

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